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Kitchen Areas

24 February 2009
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Structures, Fixtures & Usage

Built in cupboards are preferable to freestanding furniture.

Avoid tight spaces where a person could be trapped in a seizure.

Hard tile flooring is a hazard during falls.

Avoid sharp corners and edges on work surfaces and other fixtures.

In self catering premises a food trolley should be available to enable transfer of hot dishes to the table more safely.

Microwave ovens are considered preferable to conventional ovens on safety grounds but they need to be positioned carefully and securely to prevent them being dislodged during seizures.

When using conventional cookers gas heat is usually quicker to extinguish in the event of an emergency.

Cooker guards and rails should be provided when cooker rings are in use.

Cordless appliances with automatic cut-off should be used i.e. kettles, irons etc. which have their stands securely fixed to prevent dislodging during seizures.

Use of sharp kitchen tools should be avoided or restricted where seizures are frequent - practical matters will help - using wall mounted electric can openers instead of a hand held one, electric knives however are a potential hazard.

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