Epilepsy & Construction

In Bedrooms

25 February 2009
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Structures, Fixtures & Usage

Built in storage is preferable to freestanding furniture.

Doors should open outwards to enable access from the outside in the event of a seizure.

If the premises is for guest use, special safety pillows for persons having sleep seizures should be acquired, as these reduce risk of smothering during a seizure.

Top bunks are not recommended for persons with sleep seizures - use low level beds with padded headboards.

Keep freestanding furniture, lockers etc. away from bedsides to minimize injury.

Coarse carpets can lead to friction burns, use protective safety matting in case of falls from bed.

Avoid freestanding lamps which can be knocked over - wall mounted is safer generally.

Smoking in bed is unwise in cases of sleep seizures - consider non-flammable bedding and a smoke alarm.

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