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In the Bathroom

26 February 2009
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Structures, Fixtures & Usage

Showers are preferable to baths on safety grounds.

Shower bases should be floor level to avoid water being trapped by a blocked plug-hole(due to the way a person might fall).

A shower chair may be used to prevent falls.

If baths are used keep water level shallow, turn off taps before getting in and advise someone of your intention to bathe.

Toughened safety glass or Perspex is preferable to shower curtains which can either become entangled around a person or allow them to fall out of the shower.

Bathroom doors should open outwards to enable access to a person during a seizure.

Engaged signs should be provided to maintain privacy whilst keeping doors unlocked.

Water temperatures should be thermostatically controlled to prevent scalding during seizures.

Tight spaces between toilets/showers/hand-basins are hazardous as they lead to entrapment and injury.

Glass shelving should be avoided.

Mirrors must be securely fixed to walls.

Hard flooring such as ceramic tiling is a hazard during falls.

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