Epilepsy & Alcohol

Drinking alcohol in moderation can be an enjoyable experience. A pint of beer can satisfy a genuine thirst while a glass of wine can make a special meal more pleasurable, and a measure of spirits can be a welcome relaxant after a hard day's work. Going to the pub means contact with friends, and social life is important for everyone.

However, anyone who drinks alcohol should have a responsible attitude to it if they are to avoid the often-serious health and social problems, which can result from alcohol misuse.

Effects of Alcohol

A person with epilepsy may need to take more care then others if drinking alcohol. There are good reasons for this » read more


What is Moderate Drinking

Moderate drinking can mean different things to different people, and the borderline between "social" drinking and "problem" drinking can be fuzzy indeed. » read more


Alcohol Abuse

Excessive drinking over a long period may result in temporary or permanent brain damage, which in turn can increase the risk of many conditions, including epilepsy. » read more

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