DVD for Schools - Managing Chronic Health Conditions at School

Epilepsy Ireland-(Brainwave) and three other charities have come together to produce a new resource pack for schools on the management of chronic health conditions.

Along with epilepsy, the "Managing Chronic Health Conditions at School" resource pack also deals with diabetes (Diabetes Federation of Ireland), asthma (Asthma Society of Ireland) and anaphylaxis (Anaphylaxis Ireland).

With the support of the INTO, the pack includes a 9 minute DVD on managing each condition at school. When a teacher is informed that a student with one of these conditions will be in their class, as a first step, they should take the time to view the relevant DVD. 

Click here to view the epilepsy DVD.

The resource pack aims to help teachers and parents to work together and provide a safe and enjoyable school environment for students with any one of these conditions.

This pack contains:

  • Information on developing or updating the school's guidelines on managing students with chronic health conditions
  • Standardised Healthcare Plan and template forms that can be adapted to meet the school's information need for each student with a chronic condition
  • Clear outline of parents, teachers and board of management responsibilities to aid communication and expectations of all parties in managing a student with a chronic condition on a daily basis
  • Practical information including an Emergency Plan on each condition for teachers and guidance on safe storage and safe disposal of medications at school

Every primary school in Ireland received this resource pack in September 2011 and it will also soon be available to download from www.into.ie and from each charities website:


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