Questions parents & carers often ask

These are the questions most commonly asked by parents and carers of young children who have been diagnosed with epilepsy.

What is Epilepsy?

Epilepsy is the tendency to have recurrent seizures. » read more


How does the doctor decide that my child has epilepsy?

When a child has seizures their GP will discuss referral options with parents whereby children may be seen by a Paediatric Neurologist. » read more


What is the best way to record my child's seizures?

Keep a diary of all witnessed and suspected episodes. » read more


What Caused my Child's Epilepsy?

For many children no cause is identified. » read more


What Tests and Investigations can we expect to Have?

EEG and Sleep EEG: EEG -(electroencephalogram) or brainwave test is designed to pick up brainwave patterns using electrodes placed on the scalp. » read more


What is the Outlook for my Child? Will They Grow Out of Epilepsy?

For the majority of children the outlook is favourable as epilepsy is a treatable condition. » read more

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