Epilepsy In Children

Around one in every 200 children in Ireland has epilepsy. Information on a wide range of issues is available by following the links below.

NEW - New Beginnings

A guide to your child's epilepsy is available for download below. 


Epilepsy in School DVD 

Management of Chronic Conditions at School a resource produced by Epilepsy Ireland and three other charities is available for download below.

With the support of the INTO, the pack includes a 9 minute DVD on managing each condition at school. When a teacher is informed that a student with one of these conditions will be in their class, as a first step, they should take the time to view the relevant DVD.

We are also pleased to include Guide to Childhood Accidents, Emergencies & Illnesses, published by The National Children's Hospital, Tallaght for download. (See below - Amended 2013)

PDF icon Epilepsy & Autism (Epilepsy_Autism.pdf | 791 kB)
PDF icon Explaining Epilepsy to a child (Explaining_Epilepsy_to_a_Child.pdf | 378 kB)
PDF icon Guide (Guide_to_childhood_Accidents_Emergencies_Illnesses.pdf | 443 kB)
PDF icon New Beginnings (new_beginings_a_guide_to_your_childs_epilepsy.pdf | 2.69 MB)
PDF icon Managing Chronic Health Conditions at School (2014) (Managing_Chronic_Conditions_2014.pdf | 3.40 MB)
PDF icon Questions Parents Often Ask (Epilepsy_in_Infants.pdf | 607 kB)
PDF icon Back to School: Frequently Asked Questions (BACK_TO_SCHOOL.pdf | 359 kB)
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