Explaining Epilepsy to a Child

For an older child

23 February 2009
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An older child can be given a more detailed explanation along the following lines: -

Our brain, which is inside our head controls everything we do, walking, talking, seeing, hearing, and even sleeping. Everyone has a little bit of electricity in his or her brain, and this electricity helps the brain send messages to our body to tell it what to do.

Sometimes people make too much electricity in their brain and the messages get all mixed up. That's what is happening when you have a seizure. It's a bit like the way static can make the picture on the TV set go all fuzzy, or disappear for a minute.

The tablets you take help to stop the electricity increasing so that you won't have a seizure so often. Lots of people, both children and grown ups, have this problem with too much electricity, and they all take tablets to keep in order.

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