Explaining Epilepsy to a Child

Small children can have very vivid imaginations. Indeed pixies, giants and other strange creatures may appear quite real to lots of imaginative children.

Although most childhood fantasies are a lot of fun and quite harmless, it is possible for a child to frighten him/her self with what he/she makes up. Scary fantasies often arise when a child is anxious about something he/she doesn't understand, but luckily they tend to disappear when a proper explanation of the real situation is given.

In the same way, we often overlook the fact that a child with epilepsy is likely to make up fantasies about his/her seizures unless they are properly explained to him/her. Parents usually receive explanations from the doctor, but often he/she is considered "Too young to understand".

Why you should

From the child's point of view it must be very confusing. » read more


Telling a young child

Explaining seizures to a very young child who doesn't know much about his/her own body or how it works can be quite difficult. » read more


For an older child

An older child can be given a more detailed explanation along the following lines: » read more


Epilepsy Medication

Some children think by taking extra amounts of medication it will give them better seizure control, or even cure their epilepsy. » read more

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