Epilepsy & Autism

Test and Investigations

24 February 2009
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Difficulties may arise with an autistic person's ability to co-operate with tests and investigations such as EEGs, CT, and MRI's due to behaviour issues and levels of activity. Test results can seem confusing to parents and carers. Often people with epilepsy will have normal EEGs and CTs but still go on to be diagnosed as having epilepsy. Tests like EEGs often only pick up whatever is happening around the time the test is being performed.

Normal CTs and MRIs are good news, indicating no structural abnormalities in the brain but they don't explain the seizures. Conversely, abnormal EEGs can be found in clinically normal cases. It is possible for children and adults to have sub-clinical epileptic activity going on which can impair their overall functioning but not manifest overtly as a seizure episode.

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