Emotional Effects of Diagnosis - Frequently Asked Questions

Emotional Effects of Being Diagnosed with epilepsy by Helga O'Mahony, Clinical Psychologist first published in Epilepsy News Issue 34 - Summer 2006

Helga O'Mahony runs the Child Adolescent & Adult Centre in Limerick, a private practice with particular expertise in the areas of behavioural difficulties and parenting.

What makes seizures so frightening to live with?

It's undoubtedly their unpredictability. » read more


How does epilepsy affect my child’s quality of life?

It is not enough to treat the medical aspects of epilepsy alone. » read more


How is the stigma of epilepsy best dealt with?

The social stigma associated with epilepsy can be very damaging to children with epilepsy. » read more


Should we disclose, or not?

The decision whether or not to tell others about your child's epilepsy depends on many factors. » read more


Self-esteem – How exactly is it affected by epilepsy?

Self-esteem may be the single most important attribute for a child to develop. » read more


What are the emotional effects of epilepsy on me as a parent?

A single seizure, especially the child's first seizure, usually has its greatest effects on you - not the child. » read more


What are the emotional effects of epilepsy on my child?

Children may go through the same emotional stages as their parents. » read more


Should I worry about depression in my child?

Depression is quite common in children with epilepsy and should be dealt with by a professional. » read more


How should I talk to my child about epilepsy?

As mentioned earlier, it is very important for parents to inform their child about his/her condition. » read more


Does epilepsy put stress on siblings?

It certainly does. » read more

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