Information for People With Epilepsy

Disclosure of Epilepsy 2 How?

25 February 2009
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Having decided when you are going to disclose it is important to think carefully about how you present the information.

Speak to your doctor and check if s/he think's this is suitable and safe work? If so is it possible to get some documentation which will support your application?

Plan how you will speak about your epilepsy the following list of questions should help you prepare what you will say:

(use the links to get information from this site to help your preparation)

  • What is epilepsy?
  • What is a seizure?
  • What kind of seizures you have?
  • How often do they occur?
  • What exactly happens when you have a seizure?
  • Do the seizures occur randomly or is there a pattern?
  • Is there anything in particular which triggers the seizure?
  • After the seizure how long will it take before you can carry on with their work?
  • What should be done if you have a seizure at work?
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