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Employer Concerns: 2 Risks and Safety Precautions.

25 February 2009
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Epilepsy does not usually force employers into taking extra safety precautions in the workplace, and several notable studies have shown the risk of employees with epilepsy having an accident is low.

It is important to note that an epileptic seizure does not reduce the employee's contribution to overall productivity or to his/her position within the workplace. However, it is important to inform workmates who will be directly affected about the employee's condition. The employer should help the employee with epilepsy to disclose his/her condition. Some first aid training or other information should be provided for those who might be involved should a seizure occur.

In the case where seizures occur for the first time in an employee the employer should respond fairly by giving the employee adequate opportunity to receive proper medical treatment before making any decisions about their job suitability.

If any particular job restrictions are needed, there should be clearly stated policies about how they are to be implemented, reviewed or lifted in terms of set time periods. Appropriate vocational guidance and rehabilitation services should be made available at an early stage.

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