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Employment and EpilepsyTo assist employers' general understanding of epilepsy and issues that relate specifically to epilepsy & employment Epilepsy Ireland produced a booklet entitled "Epilepsy and Employment".

This booklet is available for purchase from Epilepsy Ireland's Head Office.

Excerpts from the book are available to read online, see links below

Why employ someone with Epilepsy?

People hold many misconceptions about the condition of epilepsy. » read more


Employer Concerns: 1. Job performance - sick leave and reliability.

It is natural for an employer to be concerned about the issues of reliability and sick leave if a job applicant or employee discloses he/she has epilepsy. » read more


Employer Concerns: 2 Risks and Safety Precautions.

Epilepsy does not usually force employers into taking extra safety precautions in the workplace, and several notable studies have shown the risk of employees with epilepsy having an accident is low. » read more


Employer Concerns: 3. Insurance and Pension Issues.

Sometimes myths about extra insurance in the workplace and problems with pensions or other related issues prevent employers from taking on people with epilepsy. » read more


Employer Concerns: 4. Jobs People with Epilepsy Can/Cannot Perform.

People with epilepsy can perform the vast majority of jobs; e.g. » read more

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