Generic Substitution & antiepileptic drugs

Accept No Substitute – What you can do

02 December 2012
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Following these three simple steps will ensure that your AEDs are not substituted.

Step 1 
Insist that your prescriber writes your AED prescription using your regular brand name, not the generic name. 

Step 2 
Insist that your prescriber hand-writes "do not substitute" beside the name of each of your AEDs every time he/ she writes your prescription (Note 2)

Step 3 
At your pharmacy, check your medications immediately to ensure that they are exactly the same as the ones you received last time. If they are not, insist that they are changed back. (Note 3)

Note 1:Some example AEDs are listed below showing their brand names and generic names. A full list of AEDs can be found here.

Note 2: The law permits your prescriber (doctor or nurse-prescriber) to write "do not substitute" on a prescription if substitution should not take place for clinical reasons. If Steps 1 and 2 are followed, then your pharmacist cannot legally substitute your drug.

Note 3: Unless your doctor/ nurse- prescriber has prescribed you with an entirely new drug or changed your dosage, you should continue to receive the exact same medications every month. It may be helpful to keep last month's packaging to help you compare.


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