Generic Substitution & antiepileptic drugs

The Health (Pricing & Supply of Medical Goods) Bill which will introduce a system of generic substitution in Ireland will soon be passed into law without an exemption for anti-epileptic drugs (AEDs). This is in spite of repeated calls from Epilepsy Ireland and from epilepsy experts to provide an exclusion for AEDs on established safety grounds.

The Bill is of huge importance to people with epilepsy. The links on this page aims to explain generic substitution, why it is important for people with epilepsy and the steps that you should now be taking if you or a family member has epilepsy. Please take some time to become familiar with these important issues.

'Generic Substitution - Common Questions & Answers' image

Generic Substitution - Common Questions & Answers

This article will help you understand what is meant by generic substitution, what the new legislation will do and what the concerns are regarding the substitution of antiepileptic drugs (AEDs). » read more

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Accept No Substitute – What you can do

We strongly recommend that all people with epilepsy should follow this simple 3-step guide to ensure that they receive the same AEDs each month. » read more

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Further Information

More Information on Generic Substitution of AEDs including the "Accept No Substitute" leaflet, the information video and our useful memory aid » read more

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The Campaign

Find out more about Epilepsy Ireland's campaign to exclude AEDs from generic substitution. » read more

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In this section, you can find out more about the Bill, and look at some of the research done in the area of AEDs and generic substitution » read more

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