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09 March 2009
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If you are a PAYE taxpayer, you can make your donation to Epilepsy Ireland stretch even further. We can claim back income tax on donations at the donor's highest rate of income tax!

With the government's scheme of tax relief, people who make a gift of over €250 in any given year will see their donation grow by almost 70%.

And at no extra cost to you!

All you have to do is donate a minimum of €250. We will send you a simple form, and all you have to do is fill it out and return it.

How does it work?

Example 1

You are a PAYE taxpayer and pay all your tax at the standard rate of 20%. You donate €250 in the year to Epilepsy Ireland. When you sign and return your tax form to Epilepsy Ireland, this donation is actually worth €312.50 to us.

€250 x 100/80 = €312.50

That's s an extra €62.50 gift from you to us simply for signing a form

Example 2

You are a PAYE taxpayer and pay some of your tax at the higher rate of 40%. You donate €250 in the year to Epilepsy Ireland. When you sign and return your tax form to Epilepsy Ireland this donation is actually worth €423.72 to us.

€250 x 100/60 = €416.67

That's an extra €166.67 gift from you to us simply for signing a form!

What qualifies?

If you are a PAYE taxpayer, all donations over €250 in any one year are eligible. You don't have to make this in one payment. Donations are cumulative, so a direct debit or standing order of €21 a month will bring you over the threshold.

To qualify for the tax relief a donation must satisfy a number of conditions:

  • It must be in the form of money.
  • It must not be repayable.
  • It must not confer any benefit on the donor or any person connected with the donor.
  • It must not be conditional on, or associated with, any arrangement involving the acquisition of property by the charity. Note: If you have donated over €250 but you do not pay tax, but your husband/wife does and you are taxed as a married couple, either one of you can sign the form using either one's PPS number.

How do I sign up?

Download the CHY4 form below or contact us for a form by email or phone 01 4557500. You can also request a CHY4 form from your local Revenue Office or download it from the website.

Where do I send my completed form?

Send your completed form to Epilepsy Ireland, 249 Crumlin Rd, Dublin 12.

What do I do if I am self-assessed?

If you are a self assessed tax payer, YOU and not us, can claim back the tax on your donation.

So if you are on the standard rate at 20% and you donate €250 you will and receive tax relief at 20% (E50). Therefore the cost to you is €200, but we receive €250.


In either case, all you will have to do is simply claim a deduction for the donation on you annual tax return.

Note that you will need a copy of your donation history to attach to your assessment form. You can get your donation history from our offices. Should you wish, you can then choose to make a donation to us out of the money you reclaim from the Revenue Commissioners.

Attached Documents

PDF icon CHY4 Form (chy4cert-charity__1___1_.pdf | 156 kB)


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