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Submitting funds raised to Epilepsy Ireland

10 March 2009
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There are a number of ways you can submit the funds you have raised. In general, we recommend that you deposit the money with Epilepsy Ireland on a regular basis as you raise it, rather than holding on to it until after the event.

1. Cheque / Postal Order/ Bank Drafts

Make cheques / postal orders/ Bank Drafts payable to Epilepsy Ireland and send to:

The Fundraising Department, Epilepsy Ireland, 249 Crumlin Road with a note giving your contact details and brief details of the event.

2. Bank Lodgment

You can lodge a payment straight into the Epilepsy Ireland Bank Account.

Bank of Ireland, Walkinstown, Dublin 12
Account Number: 88644504
Sort Code: 90-02-87
Account Name: Epilepsy Ireland

Please contact us at 01 4557500 or for lodgment slips which we can provide to you to make your lodgment easier.

If you decide to lodge money without using our slips, please make sure that under the reference you enter your name followed by the name of the event so we know who made the payment and what for e.g. 'Joe Soap, Table Quiz'. Then make sure to send us the receipt stub from your lodgment form for our records, along with your contact details, so that we can acknowledge your contribution.

3. Online

You can deposit funds raised online either through the Donation option in the Epilepsy Ireland Shop or alternatively at the Epilepsy Ireland page on Please email us at to let us know you have submitted funds this way.

4. Presentation

Epilepsy Ireland would be happy to send a representative along to a presentation evening to collect your proceeds if this is at all possible. Please do bear in mind that it is not always possible for one of our staff to attend an event, particularly at weekends. Please give as much notice as possible and we will do our best.

Please do not send cash in the post to us

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