10 February 2017
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People hold many misconceptions about the condition of epilepsy. It is important to remember that most people with epilepsy have been able to stabilise their condition through a medical regime. Furthermore, for the majority of people with epilepsy, the condition is unlikely to impinge on their working lives. Sick leave and accidents at work are no more frequent among people with epilepsy than in other workers.

  • Studies show that because people with epilepsy find it difficult to obtain employment, they tend to be more motivated in seeking and retaining jobs
  • To protect their own legal standing, employers will need to ensure that people with disabilities (such as epilepsy) enjoy the same rights as other workers in job seeking and in employment
  • If an employee has a seizure at work, they usually only need a short rest, after which they can resume work as normal
  • Research indicates that workers who have epilepsy are, in fact, more aware of potential hazards and so are less likely to have an accident at work
  • A common cold or flu is likely to account for more sick leave than any time taken off due to seizures

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