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10 February 2017
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In most cases epilepsy should not affect career prospects. However, the impact of epilepsy on people's lives varies a great deal and decisions on employment should be based on each individual's circumstances.

Most people with the condition are perfectly able to work at whatever they choose to do. Many do not have any particular difficulties when placed in the right job, but each person's limitations need to be individually assessed.

  • While a person is not obliged to disclose their condition unless they are directly asked (this can only be done as part of a medical examination), it is important that people with epilepsy ensure that they do not place themselves or work colleagues at risk
  • Speak to your doctor and check if s/he thinks this is a suitable and safe workplace?
  • If revealing your epilepsy you may experience peace of mind because the employer knows about your condition
  • Having decided when you are going to disclose, it is important to think carefully about how you present the information
  • It is important to present the facts in a clear concise manner and be well prepared to deal with any questions that may be asked

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