Epilepsy Ireland provides, as its main service, a comprehensive information service for people with epilepsy, their families, health professionals, teachers, schools, employers and the general public. Information is a crucial factor in overcoming fear and ignorance.

This service includes:

  • Regular regional information meetings, providing an opportunity for people to discuss difficulties and explore issues around epilepsy.
  • Telephone support from experienced nurses and an Information Officer
  • Over 40 leaflets & books about the condition, its effects and management.
  • Information on specific issues such as Driving and Epilepsy, Epilepsy and Pregnancy, Children and Epilepsy.
  • A parent's guide (book + video) and
  • An employer's booklet
  • A teacher's information pack
  • Epilepsy Nurses pack
  • A booklet on women's issues and epilepsy
  • Epilepsy & Memory Booklet
  • A booklet for young people
  • Book on childrens epilepsy
  • Epilepsy News quarterly newsletter for member

Leaflets are available in the Publications section of the website while many of our books and packs can be ordered through the Epilepsy Ireland

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